AHC is looking to provide FREE 2 Hours of home care services to Upper Darby Township residents in need of home care services and do not have health insurance or do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid.

Participant of Attentive Home Care have the following right to:

  1. be cared for by qualified, competent, and trained home care or direct care worker
  2. be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect
  3. be spoken to or communicated with in a manner or language they can understand
  4. receive privacy and confidentiality in regards to their health, social, and financial circumstances and what takes place in their homes, in accordance with laws and Agency policies
  5. be free from any actions that would be deemed to be abusive, for example, intimidation, physical/sexual/verbal/mental/emotional/material or financial abuse, etc.
  6. report instances of potential abuse, neglect, or exploitation, involving any employee of the Agency, to the Pennsylvania Statewide Elder Abuse Hotline: 1-800-490-8505
  7. be dealt with in a manner that recognizes their individuality and is sensitive to and responds to their needs and preferences
  8. receive services and be dealt with without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, creed, religion, linguistics, disability and/or familial/cultural factors
  9. be informed of the laws, rules, and policies affecting the operation of the Agency
  10. be informed of procedures for initiating complaints about the delivery of service, without fear of reprisal or retaliation
  11. be informed of the cost of services and procedures for notifying them of any increase in the cost of services
  12. be informed that should a participant/participant’s representative fail to sign the Service Agreement, but still verbally request services to be provided and receives services from Attentive Home Care, the Agency shall interpret the lack of signature as meaning that consent for service delivery has been received.
  13. be charged for services actually performed prior to the cancellation date; if Participant gives insufficient cancellation notice, which results in a home care worker arriving at the participant’s home to deliver services requested
  14. be informed of the Agency’s Code of Ethics policy
  15. be informed of the Agency’s policy on Unstable Health Conditions
  16. be informed of the Agency’s policy on Withdrawal/Termination of Services
  17. have their property treated with respect
  18. participate in the development of a plan for their care
  19. provide input on which Home Care Worker they want and to be informed of the name of the home care worker that will be assigned to them
  20. contingency plan to be taken if scheduled services cannot be provided by regular workers; and
  21. procedures for amending Service Agreement.
  22. expect that the Agency will only release information about them if they have given authorization and/or if it is a requirement of law
  23. give full, partial, or no consent, with the understanding that partial or no consent may result in the Agency’s inability to provide effective service.
  24. receive notice of any changes in their service, within an agreed upon amount of time, prior to the changes place
  25. receive notification of service termination criteria, circumstances, or conditions, which may result in termination of services by the Agency and procedures for notifying participant of termination